Monday, May 27, 2013

Moral knowledge and moral scepticism

I think there are a number of possible methods by which we can justify having moral knowledge. I will firstly clarify that I think to have knowledge of something you need to have justified true belief (JTB theory). As I have posted previously, I'm also a moral generalist and not a moral sceptic, in that I do think there are moral principles.

So the question is how do we justify moral beliefs?

I subscribe to multiple forms of justification, I don't believe we have to just pick one. Some moral truths are self-evident in certain circumstances. Others are justified by their coherence with other beliefs - we form a web of support. And finally I think we can have intuitional justification. So I'll opt for a full house of justification theories!

There are a number of problems with moral scepticism:
  • It is an intellectual dead-end
  • It doesn't correspond with common-sense
  • It is an immoral position to hold IMO

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