Monday, May 13, 2013

Ethics: An Introduction

My latest online philosophy course begins today and runs for 10 weeks.

The subject this time is an introduction to ethics. From the OUDCE Philosophy website:

"In this introduction to ethics, the philosophy of morality, we shall be considering questions of both practice (is lying wrong? Must we keep our promises?) and theory (what makes an action wrong? Is it only human who worry about morality? How do we apply moral theory to society?). We shall examine four important ethical theories (Aristotle’s virtue ethics, Kant’s deontologiy, Hume’s expressivism and Mill’s utilitarianism) and we shall apply them to two practical questions: the rights of animals and euthanasia. There will be plenty of opportunity to engage in debate and to test your own moral theories."

I will try and post regularly. Comments are welcome.

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